This tiny house idea, I feel like I’m onto something here..

While I’ve made some headway with the design, I’ve been fretting that this tiny house idea is something that I will have to convince a lot of people that this is a legitimate pursuit for a permanent home.

With the prospect of having to get land and loans, I thought it was about time I reached out to a real estate broker.

On a whim, I submitted a request via Dave Ramsey’s ELP network – having been an avid listener throughout my debt free journey last year – and I was immediately reached out to by a local property group. I met with them the next day, showed them my unfinished sketchup, discussed about building efficiently and opportunities to build as much of it myself to save on costs. They were excited to hear my ideas – even ready to pick up a hammer and help build! I know there are a lot of hoops to jump through but they were on board with the idea and I was elated.

It made me feel relieved and comfortable that this tiny house idea not only seemed plausible, but very possible!

The broker immediately set me up with contact to begin reaching out to banks and builders and took down a short list of potential properties I was interested in. My main priority at this point is to get the designs done and off to an architect to draft and engineer the plans.

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