Tiny House Design: It’s all one giant puzzle.

These past two weeks I’ve been deep into Google Sketchup crafting this new tiny house design. While the tiny house design is heavily inspired by the space efficiency of a tiny house, I’ve expanded many of the amenities that would usually be limited in a tiny house. This includes a larger bathroom, a full-height 2nd story (fore-going the loft), and a full-size staircase (built to code since the 2nd floor is deemed habitable).

The biggest notable difference: This tiny house ain’t on a trailer.

To highlight that and the idea of ‘breaking boundaries’, the entire house contorts and bends around in a C shape. It gives the opportunity for more wall space, less walkway and allows for visual access to the outside from any angle. Due to the unique design of the footprint, I’ve opted for a shed roof with a 2ft overhang around the entire building to inline it with more modern designed homes. The strongest flavor of the design is its attention to aesthetics of shapes and angles. There are no parts of the interior assemblage that jut out corners or walls into the space. Everything flows into comfortable open space with obtuse angles. It may not be the optimum for efficiency due to its shape, but I’ve definitely made a point to make everything fit comfortably and utilize the space as efficiently as possible.

Throughout the entire tiny house design process I would find myself stopping to research building codes, construction techniques for a solo builder, and alternative construction. (such as SIPs)

Little decisions can mean the difference of being safe, versus cost effective, versus legal. Lifting a 19ft wall could easily turn into several-hundred dollar task having to rent a Boomlift to do the dangerous work versus framing floor by floor.

There are so many possibilities with building, yet so many limitations, is all one giant puzzle – I love it.

But it’s also very daunting. It’s hard to stand out when you have to fit in. With so many unknowns at this point, I can only keep moving forward with the designing and hope that I do enough homework to bring forth a design that will satisfy all parties.

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